Childish Things

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Of course they do, can’t you tell this is a classy place? The cheap beer is for the kids and for the rock show crowd, and I fully subscribe to their philosophy. This may be a curious home for our generation’s idea of high society, but the presence of a punk show dictates the necessity for a few things. First, a certain level of rudeness in the crowd. Punk shows are a celebration of the vileness in men’s hearts and without that, all you have is a lot of noise and no real energy. Second, dollar beers. Two dollar beers are acceptable, but two dollar beers, that is, a plurality of beers that cost a dollar, is better. Peeber and Hamm’s are ideal, but in a pinch you can get by with Milwaukee’s Best, you just have to drink much more of it. Finally, the combination of low alcohol volume consumed en masse and a sense of aimless contempt to create a sideshow of shouting, spitting, stomping, and sneering. It’s a source of catharsis, you get that? You come into the show eager to hear and enjoy a band, but once things get rolling you get swept away in the notion that you are there, just as the performers are, to tear down and make mockeries. It is in fact, the right thing to do,” Neal paused here to press the bottle’s neck to his lips and remove the vital fluid, “to be unappreciative and wild. Everyone comes away having purged a little anarchy from their hearts and more centered to handle their lives like civilized adults. That, my friend, is the Punk and the Art of Zen 101.”


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