Spirit Animals

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Eighty minutes, two beers, and a rum and coke later, Ryan, Neal, Patrick, and William were next in line to get into the hangar. Neal paid the cover for all four before going in first. The girl working the cash box at the door took his money, pulled out a marker, and made a quick scribble on his hand. Neal looked over his shoulder and grinned, then leaned in and whispered in the girl’s ear, who smiled back and nodded, curling her fingers in unison toward her palm as she beckoned Ryan forward. In only seconds, she uncapped her marker, grabbed Ryan’s hand, and in a dark brown, sketched the figure of an owl perched on a branch, head turned toward the viewer who was, in this case Ryan. With a confused squint, he looked into the bird’s globes and then up at the girl who had drawn them. She was wearing black lipstick to match every other piece of clothing on her aside from the knee-high white and purple socks. She simply smiled, said “Have fun tonight,” and then pointed with the uncapped marker at Patrick and waved him up the way she had just done to Ryan.


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