Kevin of the Unfallen Mountains

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

How many lives had been saved? How many despots and maniacs struck down with Falfangar, the steel dragon that thirsted for wicked blood? Surely by now all of the entire land of Daccan would know his name by now, his tales told in hushes to scared children during thunderstorms, or boisterously shouted over the general roar of a busy mead hall. But if they had been telling of his exploits as much as he supposed they would be by now, why did his legend stay isolated to the land of his adventures? In the country where he spent the bulk of his time off, South Carolina, even his own family refused to acknowledge his heroism. They still asked menial things of him, to tidy the shared living space, or cut down the grass(a truly demeaning request to make of Falfangar!) and never so much as a request to guard the property or seek out an enchanted relic. No, instead he came here against his will, torn from the lands he truly loved, and thrust in the middle of mediocrity, forced to overcome demons much smaller than the ones he slayed almost effortlessly, but much more crafty and devious ones. Even Falfangar was of no help in these fights with Ricky the Quarterback and the fair lady Lisa, leader of cheers.


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