Anagram for “This is my file”

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I saw a man sitting at the bank today, sucking on a black ink pen and leering down at newsprint folded in half, trying to work out the answers to a crossword. Surely, there was some kind of phone crossword people could do with a stylus, with fancy bells and cartoon stars and a hint function, but this man simply stared down, extending and retracting his fingers to count letters in his head, cracking a smile, and then scrawling block capital letters into boxes. The process repeated. Somehow, he was waiting longer than I was, as when I was called into the loan officer’s cubic office, he was still sitting there, still working out the details. Maybe he was waiting for somebody to finish talking to the manager. Maybe he just needed somewhere bright and quiet to do his thinking.


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