Jeep Cherokee: What’s in a Name?

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

As FIAT and Chrysler continue to work together to overhaul their properties, they are turning a focus toward Jeep right now, and what to do with a modern favorite. The Jeep Liberty has been favored by buyers looking for truck-like power while being able to fit into a normal-sized parking space, but that brand may be bowing out of the spotlight to bring back a name that Jeep built strong with a dedicated legion of fans and enthusiasts: Cherokee.


To the rest of the world, this might not seem like news, as outside of North America the Liberty is known as the Cherokee, but to us motor-crazy Americans, just hearing the phrase “Jeep Cherokee” calls to mind images of strong, sturdy vehicles that can handle any kind of terrain, survive any roadtrip, and work as a utility vehicle for any personal or business use. The Liberty has carried on these traditions nobly, but perhaps without the same kind of iconic notoriety, and so even in tinkering with an American tradition, the European minds behind this merger may be onto a great idea even if they tweak little else on the design table.

Loyal Jeep lovers will have no doubt already noticed years ago the ways in which the Liberty serves as the spiritual successor to the legendary Cherokee, but as the SUV craze swept North America at the turn of the century, the Liberty may have been a little lost in the crowd at times, despite never taking a dip in quality or automotive ability. With its consistent reputation, it could be something as simple as a new nametag on the back that reminds consumers of the original and arguably best around. And who knows, Jeep may have other surprises in store aside from a simple image change.

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