Pile High the Plates

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Success, though tasty, proves fleeting to most. Many of us are content to find a comfortable budget, stick to it, splurging rarely and cherishing the slight increase in quality of living that a percentage-based annual raise allows for.  At this point, we find ourselves building ruts to get comfortable in, not of choice, but of necessity. Without making a rut, each week becomes a coin flip, surf and turf on Monday, so that by Thursday all that’s left is a tub of margarine in the refrigerator. The rut ensures consistency, and the comfort that comes along with it is a mental trick to sustain that lifestyle without getting bored or restless. It’s a survival instinct, a natural urge to eat and eat well and have dreams but stay grounded enough to continue such storied traditions as pork chop Wednesdays with mashed potatoes and buttered asparagus, or pizza Fridays, performing a ritual of early adulthood that smacks of irresponsibility even though at this point it has been fully accounted for in the meticulously crafted budget. We build these causeways to use not because it is best for us, but because it is easiest for us, and that in turn makes us all the hungrier to continue.


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