Posted: February 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last night I dreamed of my country the way it really is: ugly, sneaky, dangerous. I hate the lines, I hate the traditions, I hate the state-controlled values that define who is and who is not a true citizen. Most importantly, I hate those citizens. I hate the revolutionaries, working in private to topple the status quo, I hate the legislators and lawmakers, the puppets controlled by backroom handshakes and shady payoffs. I hate the leader, I hate his followers, I hate his opponents and the extremists. Even a nation of such size and history as ours is merely a snapshot of its people, and the filthy, selfish, corrupt populace that walk our streets, fill our churches, and eat our grain have poisoned a name which was once meant to inspire pride, respect, and nobility. But I am no saboteur, no assassin, no contrary leader of men, and so I have no platform, nor the tools to inspire and impress my point upon others. Instead I have chosen quietly, and privately, to secede from the land that my home rests upon. Though I am not recognized by the politicians and ambassadors of the world, I choose to exist in solitude, an incorruptible nation of one.


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