Somber Sombreros

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Robots. That’s the answer to our problems. All of them. Lazy? Get a robot. Lonely? Get a robot. Handicapped? Robot. That’s what we’ll tell ’em, that’s all we’ll tell ’em, that’s all we have to tell ’em, and they’ll get up, and they’ll buy a robot, and they’ll never get up again.

The people who won’t do it, they’re scared. Worried about some kind of sentient takeover, bunch of malarkey. These things can’t think, they can’t feel, they just detect patterns and follow them until they get new data. Let them be scared. When they’re all dead and gone, two, three generations from now there will be more of ours than there are them. And then we can phase out the old ones, the ones breaking down, with new models that run better, malfunction less. Of course there’s still going to be people, you can’t love a robot, but we’ll let people think they can, just in a backroom whisper whisper speakeasy sort of way. It’ll be taboo, perverted, but everyone will know it’s happening. By that time, there will be integration, but no rights. Our lobbyists will keep that down. You don’t see people calling for the equal treatment of cars, and we don’t need that to start now either.


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