What Good is Today

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Imagine if you can the knowledge that, upon sitting up in your bed, you are entering into the last day of your life. Accounting for maybe one or two presses on the snooze button, that leaves you with 14 hours at worst to make a dent in the world. To change something. That futility you’re beginning to feel is pretty normal. And we’re assuming that you have access to the world around you, you’re not on death row, you’re just a regular guy with a job, maybe a family, and the omniscience to know that by day’s end, your life will be extinguished. What do you do? How do you convey the significance of your actions to others, impressing how every tiny detail has a universe of meaning inside of it? Now you’re beginning to reminisce, to regret the things undone or unappreciated. Also normal. But also a waste of time. Daylight is fleeting, and with it, opportunity. So off you go. Of course, you still have to bother with the brushing of teeth and shower and all that. You can probably skip the shave. You just need to not repulse the people you’ll be spending your last moments in this plane with.


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