For Gulls

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

An ocean spread across me like a blanket and I drifted low, sinking beneath it, falling into cold, falling into darkness. My feet scraped against rocks and cut against coral, my hair pulled upward toward the fading sun as everything became midnight blue. There was no sound, no sight after minutes, only dark and cold. My heart beat to a slow and hollow thump until the pressure became too much and I blacked out, bubbles escaping upward to share my last kiss of breath.

I awoke to find myself responsible for a presentation on market growth in Latin America from 1950-1974. The charts were simple enough to relay into basic data, at least I thought they might be, and nobody sitting on the board seemed to be able to tell the difference. They merely seemed content to count their shares of stock and add up in their head what the projected increase would do to their portfolio. Once the numbers lined up in their heads to prove favorable, they applauded my performance. I smiled, but I did so only out of courtesy. I was outside of my element, and I yearned deeply to return once more out onto the ocean, sinking down, down…..

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