Orchestra of One

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Wedging itself between two hardcover books, the thin blade of the knife slid and squeezed, finding purchase to lay upon air in the musty subterranean library. Darkness enveloped the sharpened metal point as it came to rest between leather and parchment. As the hand that placed it twisted the dagger clockwise, a shudder echoed through the room, walls vibrating with life and purpose. If one was not expecting the series of events that followed, a sense of fear or anxiety at the sounds and sights would be entirely natural. The alchemist, however, had watched this play, a theater of Homunculi dancing to live like a music box being wound up, and so he was numb to its baser effects. He welcomed the puppetry, ghosts and golems stirring up and reawakening into our world. He removed the knife from the books, hearing the dull whish of blade to book over the din of grinding stone and gears, and placed edge to palm. The scars were thick and he did his best to hide them with cosmetics or accessories, but in his lab he bared them to the world. As the damaged flesh split open with a stinging wetness, red blood trickled at first into the air, soon to bring life with it.


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