Posted: March 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m thinking of things that are green, a long list of plants and vegetables in search of some magic word that’s going to inspire and grow, such as is natural for such a thing. Instead, I have a list, a hollowness in my stomach that a lunch will soon fill, and a heaviness of the eyes that is keeping me from excelling one way or the other today. I went for a walk, and it’s starting to be too hot to do comfortably. I’m thinking about the greens of the northwest, of the past and the future, the what has been and the what could be. I’m thinking of the combination of practical and innovative, and how difficult the two are to marry but that success in one often never comes without a moderate degree of the other. I”m thinking about balloons and blimps, trains and tow trucks, ways to make a journey. I’m thinking about the comfort of surrender and the stinging joy of perseverance. I’m thinking about egg sandwiches and apple juice. I’m thinking about comic books and diseases and everything else that comes to mind.


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