Eating Hair

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Volume in excess becomes like the sounds of people talking in a restaurant, or the ocean’s waves, a background sound that is so indecipherably present that the brain simply tunes it out. Or perhaps it is simply so loud as to become deafening. Regardless, when you’re running through the streets of a town you can’t pronounce, filled with people you can hardly communicate with, it doesn’t matter who’s crying out in pain, how many bombs explode from how many blocks away, or which gun is firing and from where. The only thing that gives the same sensory feedback is if the rifle you’re holding is moving, if it kicks with every shot fired, if the barrel heats up as you point it at the enemy, if your gun still points straight while others meet the road and find rest in a thin mixture of blood and rainwater. None of that is audible at that moment. Most of it isn’t even visible. When you have to survive like a member of the animal kingdom, you simply let instinct take over and start thinking like one.


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