Live On, Lamenting Nothing, Desiring Only That Which Will Truly Make You Happy and Enrich Not Only Your Own Life But the Lives of Those You Cherish As Well

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

I carry a lot of notes in my pockets, and I walk to work each morning with a string tied around each finger. These strings go out through my front door, tucked into the corner of the door frame, or through the screen of my window, tightly beneath the glass in the cold winter months, but from there they extend out into the world around me, binding me to people with whom I opened my heart to. Not all of them have been so gracious with the gift I offered (note the black threads on the left ring finger and right thumb), others earned the most I could give and more. Some days I want to cut these strings, start fresh, forget that I ever loved or cared and be someone new to everyone. Move beyond the choices I made, abandon them entirely and never face my regrets alone, staring into the spinning circle of fan blades rotating above my bed at night. But then I would be alone, destitute, unappreciated, unsupported, effectively nothing. No man is unique, he carries with him portions of those who fostered his growth. The recipe may be unique with varying ingredients and portions, but in him he carries sentiments too impossible to let ago, faces and names and memories of those he wish he never had let go of.


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