Subtle, Undetectable Patterns

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

I could never live in the country, and I know this because just as watching the branches of trees swaying in the wind or the waves lapping at the sand puts a calm in my blood, I have spent many a night sitting on a balcony chewing on a finger and watching the nearest traffic light cycle through its colors. That little yellow box is the closest man has ever come to emulating nature correctly; an imperctible force that allows for the currents of traffic to move like the water of the stream, or the winds from the west. It’s a question of obedience that dictates small aspects of our life, and so often the man confident enough to ignore nature’s nudging is struck down by his hubris. It may seem unrelated, or just the result of careless behavior, but be mindful of the advice of elders when they say that nature finds a way: she certainly always does.

For me, I like to observe the whims of its practice, when nobody is around to listen to the pleas of cease and proceed. An empty intersection, beneath the moon, changing colors in case anybody stumbled across it in the still of the night.


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