Posted: April 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

The southern hemisphere of the Earth is dangerous according to the northern half. And similar views are held on a national level, even on a civic level. The inverse is not true, however. The southern sides tend to view their neighbors from another equator as stuffy, funless lumps who like to sit around and grumble rather than see the world for the marvel it really is. These two twins at war, never bothering to mind the similarities and instead play the opposites than nature itself imposes seasonally, will never on a wide scale look past the imaginary lines dividing them. Like politics or religion, you are left with two groups of people, each claiming they know which way up is and the other group is obviously wrong and being rather very much a silly dick about it. There is no real animosity at play most times, nor hostility, just the dismissive tsking with arms folded of entire groups of people, commenting snidely about how strange the others are.


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