Art Museum for Babies

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

A pair of ravens skipped down the sidewalk, one struggling to hold an entire tater tot in his beak, the other stopping each time his partner dropped his package, cawing an all-clear as the former reset his grip on the snack and carried on. They were still about a half mile from home, which is a long way for birds to walk, but on a Sunday morning like this one, where the thick cloud coverage prevented the sun from coming out, no threats or predators were willing or able to get up and face the day. The occasional car drove past but these avians learned long ago that these beasts of smoke and steel kept to their trails, only posing a threat if you were in their way. The only real worry was whether or not they could beat the rain home. Occasionally the raven tasked with holding their golden brown treasure would pause and move his head around, indicating that here would be a suitable place to eat and why wouldn’t they, then they could just fly home. His cohort, however, would simply squawk again and press on, forcing the other to trail behind diligently.


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