New Exciting Flavors

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

The act of dying is surprisingly similar to travelling through time. As the life of one comes to a grinding slow, singular moments begin to blur and freeze, items and people holding their position as the sounds of the time echo like tides washing on the shore, overlapping and repeating in an endless cycle. Eventually, the brain gets back to the normal progression of things, strangely without having missed anything no matter how long the moment of echoes stretches. However, in time this ability to freeze life becomes more and more of a presence, like dosing a patient with a  habit-forming drug against their will, the echoes becoming more pronounced and louder, until they muddle each other over and over into a cacophony that gives way to nothingness. A beach. At midnight. Empty save for the sounds of the ocean. And my fingers dig into the sand in the dark so that I can prop myself up and observe the peaceful violence of nature into eternity.

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