You, Prince of Dreamers

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

The flashbulbs popped and sparks shot through the air as the convict was led up the courthouse steps. A thousand questions were being asked at once as the man looked down and to the right, focusing on something that wasn’t really there. He was trying to look contemplative, and not like a lunatic, but the perfect angle manages to slip through one man’s camera, a crime paparazzi masquerading as a member of the Associated Press who makes thousands of dollars on a shot of a guilty man looking remorseless. The people have made up their minds. They think what they want to think. Throughout the trial he remains motionless, as if this whole process is a waste of his time. And it is. But time is all he has left from this point. His defense attorney does his best, but the evidence is too strong. Many wonder why he elected to fight to win, and the truth is clear only to him: that he is willing to roll the dice because it is the only hope he has left. As the jury deliberates, he resigns to a life in prison for the choices he made, and it is all but certain that this will be his fate.


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