Crunch, Part 5

Posted: April 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

A plate of glass leaned diagonally from the top of the tower in a moment that stood still, then continued to tip and toppled out down to the city below. Attached to this panel was a man in a business suit, looking bewildered and scared out of his mind, leaning and wobbling through space as he could see through his only fragile protection as the sights of ground level quickly approached. His necktie fluttered up to the side of his face and he took a moment to consider how annoying it felt, and how bizarre this all must have looked. His eyes were dry, he felt like vomiting, and more than one person had looked up and seen our business attire surfer tumbling through sky, trying to write a letter that nobody would read, inscribed on the remaining time his mind had left. His balance finally acquiesced, he slid off the glass and kicked it away with his black leather shoes, trying desperately to bring it toward them only to drive them further apart. Fitting, he thought, merely inches from the pavement.


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