I Left My Water in the Other Room

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Another podcast ended and the next began on a playlist filled with the dulcet tones of public radio figures and comedians taking their stage acts down a few notches and playing off the cuff. A stack of photographs sat on top a stack of vinyl records that sat on top of an old green milk crate from a coffee shop that the owner of all of these things once worked at. With a leg out the window adjacent to an old air conditioner, the occupant of this 9th story apartment smoked an American Spirit and stared at the jutting corner of the building on the opposite side of the nearest intersection where a pigeon groomed under its wing. Through the twisting spirals of white smoke, the pigeon wobbled and waddled left and right before flying off with a flap and a coo. The cigarette was put out in an ashtray, though it was always a mental struggle not to just flick it off the side and ruin some poor pedestrian’s day. Back on the inside, the fuzzy audio warbled out of worn out speakers and with a stretch, a body sat down at a drawing desk and turned the lamp back on, focusing it down onto the page before resuming work.


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