Remarkably Strange

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

The English lang_age was originally only twenty-fo_r letters long, later adding the consonant _ and the vowel _. While it may be diffic_lt to imagine o_r way of comm_nicating any differently, the tr_th is that these so_nds are s_bstit_ted with other characters ro_tinely. The p_rists will say that it is __st the f_rther m_ddling of the most piecemeal lang_age on the planet, while those more accepting of change are q_ick to point o_t that this is __st the nat_re of things, always changing, always evolving. Imagine yo_r world witho_t these two letters. Everything from the Gettysb_rg Address to The Beatles’ “Hey __de” wo_ld all be s_btly different in a way that wo_ld appear strange to _s now, b_t wo_ld really be ro_tine otherwise if we had nothing to compare it to. One wonders abo_t the possibility of f_rther characters being added to o_r lang_age down the line, if perhaps it is somebody’s _ob to consider the feasibility of s_ch things and prepare a presentation for a room of experts ann_ally, offering ideas that so_nd like “Lorch”: a combination of L and H or “Do_ble-T”, a consonant resembling an electrical pl_g that wo_ld be _sed in words like “__tting.” Perhaps there is, perhaps there is not.


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