Polio Ward

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

The heat in the air was already bad enough when it wasn’t being reflected and magnified by the fresh black top of the gas station parking lot.  Inside the cup with the domed plastic lid, the cola was bubbling as if it were a prop, to be suggested that the fluid was boiling rather than carbonated. It was a miserable bastard of a summer and everyone knew it. Kids were staying indoors, preferring to lie on the kitchen floor, motionless, eating popsicles. Even the lucky few with accessible swimming pools eyed them suspiciously, as if it were some kind of baited trap meant to lure them out into exposure where they would certainly melt or cook.

The adults, forced to go to work with no real excuse away from it, would call in sick repeatedly, and they’d be right about half of the time. Nobody slept well unless they were willing to put their comfort before their electric bill. Public transportation became a nightmare for anyone that didn’t take the subway, and for them their life only became exponentially more crowded. An entire city banded together, praying for a swift arrival of September while cataloging the misery to later tell their grandchildren about that dreadful summer.


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