Symphony by Telephone

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

A shirt consisting of a network of threads costs a set amount of dollars that is composed itself of fractions of symbols worth a fluctuating amount of mineral value. These units are themselves represented by tokens created out of other materials, an endless cycle of big pictures masking the smaller, tinier truths. This line of thinking is the same that pushes people to pursue a degree instead of learning and taking an interest in each individual university course, or who want to buy a car without considering all the money they’re managing to save by working a set number of hours completing a set number of tasks. It causes us to look forward to events like marriage without considering the first date, or retirement without the career. And so these elephants of significance dwarf each tiny step that leads to success or failure, putting us at the end of the journey and wondering in reflection how we were so lucky or unfortunate to get what we so clearly deserved. Instead we write off our efforts or bemoan our tendencies to become easily distracted as a way to avoid taking credit or blame for the actions that more accurately compose the legacy we are more fixated on.

  1. Cal says:

    Very interesting weave of relationships.
    Please excuse my nitt-picking; I’m only trying to enhance your accuracy if you should plan on using this in the furture: the dollar has not been backed by gold since Nixon. I’m sure he thought there were good reasons for taking us off the gold-standard, but it really hasn’t worked out well since.

    Love your work.

  2. Carl says:

    Who the hell is Cal? Must have been my slow fingers missing the r.
    It is corrected.

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