Thinning Lung Tissue

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Count backwards from 100, open eyes, watch ceiling fan until dizzy, close eyes. Think about crosswords – how they’re made, who does it, by hand or by software, have there ever been any errors that made it to print? Who’s accountable for that? What does someone need to do to get such a job. Deep breath. Start again, but from 50. Roll onto side first, then open eyes. Look at clock. Take a moment to be simultaneously relaxed and disappointed. Sit up slow, rub eyes, scratch head, scratch ass, stand up, drain bladder, wash hands, brush teeth, make an assessment on whether or not today is the right day to shave. Grab a fistful of clothes, take a shower three times longer than it needs to be, close eyes, pop neck, shampoo hair, rinse, repeat, towel dry, get dressed, skip breakfast. Before leaving, consider the things wanted to be done when re-entering this space. Scratch productive ones off the list, when finished, there will be no energy for such things. Leave. Sit somewhere else for a few hours acting like someone acting happy when they’re really miserable. Drive home, remove shoes, microwave dinner, sit in front of television, start to nod off to sleep.


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