A Shoal

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Italians are responsible for many beautiful things: Their culture, the Renaissance, pop music, a flourishing language, and perhaps most importantly, their cuisine. An entire alphabet of savory, filling flavors exists via Italia, from Acquacotta and Alfredos to Ziti and Zuppa di Pesce, Italy is perhaps most beloved for the way they make us feel: stuffed.

Compare this to, say, Bulgaria, and you can see why Italy remains so relevant globally. Their artists, both on the canvas and in the kitchen, are responsible for inspiring thoughts and images of better times, family, a hot stove, Mussolini, hot lava, Yorkshire pudding, etc.

So good for them. They could send me a lasagna once in a while if they really cared, though.


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