Dance Track

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

People rely on me, for one reason or another, for inspiration. I’ve done my fair share of motivating others using a variety of tactics, both in a professional capacity as well as for personal favors among friends. My track record is varied, depending on the person, the task, and the long-term results. The one person who I have repeatedly failed to inspire however is myself. For whatever reason, I can get the engine turned on, get all the pistons pumping, but the car never gets out of neutral. Now why is that? Must I also look outwardly for the drive to succeed? Am I so incapable of leadership that I can not calm the storm within my own skin, blood, and mind? How many races fallen short of the finish line must I run before I cross the line, let alone cross it first? The truth is that others inspire me more than I know, and I must remain cognizant of this if I intend to do something great. Until I recognize the impact others have on my life, I will continue to fail to have an impact on theirs.


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