Amateur Blood Work

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Furthest from the truth, furthest from decency, furthest from a shared moment that only two people can know, there is isolationist revisionism: a process whereby an individual, often muttering to his/herself in the shower can rewrite history in ways that they see fit due to a lack of witnesses or evidence to the contrary. These words are repeated, over and over, until they are met with a smile of recognition; fiction made whole in the guise of truth. There may be suspicions down the line, a raised eyebrow and a laugh with the shake of the head to a third party as if to say “Are you buying this?” But if the author of these untruths believes them to be just so, it becomes difficult to argue with assuming the relative plausibility of the claim. If you say that you left a $20 bill at the grocery store checkout by accident, that’s easier to swallow than the story of how you led the Swiss national beach volleyball team to Olympic silver. If only your hamstring hadn’t cramped up halfway through the finals, right?


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