Hey Pal, Purloin the Sirloin

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

The newspaper was filled with stories. It usually was. But this was a Saturday edition, a little thicker, a little glossier, something meant to catch the attention of hundreds of adults, waking up and not having to go to their much-hated jobs. Maybe they needed something quiet to do while the kids slept, maybe it just made them feel adequately grown-up, but here they were by the scores, sitting at their tables or in plush recliners, folding and unfolding the unwieldy sheets like an outdated map to information, looking for anything interesting or relevant to themselves. Some glanced at the headlines long enough to make passing conversations and then made a beeline straight for the sports section, or the comic strips. Theirs was a dying breed, but a necessary one for those moments of silent sun in the pre-noon, far away from any electronics that could wake and alert company to the fact that they were awake and conscious enough to socially interact.


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