For Once In Your Life

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

The elevator jerked to life, squeaking mechanically as it rose from the subterranean parking garage to the small, dimly lit offices of the 19th floor. The briefcase, its leather handle gripped tightly by a weak, clammy hand, swayed gently on its hinges as the metal box climbed up the shaft. Inside the briefcase, a stack of papers; many with words like “party” and “hereafter” and “adjudicator.” They were arranged neatly, in a series of manila folders or black 3-ring binders, separated by tabbed folders, no corners bent or out of place, everything in perfect order with no mistakes in spelling or margins. The words were printed on the paper using the latest typewriter, a heavy black steel device with rollers and a satisfying click as it was slid back into place, making a sound not unlike a cash register. He knew the significance of this: it was these words, these papers by which he made his livelihood. Each one of them was worth a considerable amount in the long run, and he smiled confidently as he imagined the zeroes being written in long after the dollar sign. The elevator shuddered as it reached his destination, and the meek man straightened his spine as the doors revealed his natural element to him, the place in which he wielded the most power.


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