Tears on a Shirt

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

You don’t just do something for fourteen years and then suddenly become great at it. Either you “get it,” it makes sense to you, and you succeed, or you have to stick it out and be content with small steps. If you take the latter path, you are faced with frustration, repeated failure, doubt, struggle, and even when you reach that level you want to be at, you might just find yourself faced with a “natural,” a “prodigy” that does what you do, only better and with less effort. In the face of such things it is nigh impossible to walk away with head held high, knowing that one did their best. What is left is typically a feeling of bitterness, or a question of why bother? The answers are not easy. The return of motivation in this scenarios is slow. But if one can find the strength to push on, they may find in time that they can find stronger peace in their efforts than their results.


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