I Was Excited

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

The variety and numbers of fish in the ocean is staggering to consider. Some eat tiny fragments of plants or microbacteria, others spill pints of blood into the sea, sinking teeth into flesh and savoring the meats of expired life, cured by the salt of the seas. They swim through currents, scraping their bellies along the rocks, between the coral. Some in the inky black deep, others in the wobbling lines of the sun’s light near the waterline connecting them to a foreign and threatening world. A large percentage of fish, for example, have never seen a bowling alley. This may seem strange to you and I, who have certainly seen such a thing, maybe even frequently. But it’s true, many fish don’t even know how to bowl, let alone how to pick up a 4-10 split. Some scientists have believed that fish could be trained to become skilled bowlers, but these scientists are almost always immediately discredited on ground of mental instability.


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