French Javelin

Posted: July 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am weary of salesmen and politicians, solicitors and pastors. The voices they murmur into the aural landscape drone in the middle of range, wobbling on with a false confidence on things in which they are either unconvinced or uncertain.They speak with authority on matters in which our kind has no business drawing conclusions, selling men into mental and physical slavery by the pound, just meat designed to fill in one half of an equation. Instead I find myself in the hermit’s dilemma, desperate for companionship but suspicious and scornful of those who might try to influence my patterns of thinking and opinions. I am left wanting as a result, eager to draw near to others but always holding them at a safe length until they acquiesce and cut their losses, looking for human behavior elsewhere.  The process then loops around, a tape perpetually playing and rewinding the same movie, and I am too optimistic if I believe the ending will ever change.


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