Hamlet; Anxiety

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

The prisoners shuffled from side to side, standing in line with their plastic trays and the utensils designed to not play a role in any violent behavior. The sun was shining outside and it had been less than a week since spring had finally put the last wound in winter’s back, but on the inside it was cold cement and fluorescent lights lining the hallways beset on either side by steel bars and electronic locks. Some tables engaged in quiet talk, eyes always darting over shoulders to make sure no officers could overhear. Others tried to just eat quietly and not stir trouble while others were out to assert their dominance. The food was flavorless, a further punishment to weigh on the psyches of men who were responsible for various acts. Some deserved it, others were there wrongfully but kept their mouths shut, pleading every chance they could with an attorney or a parole board, but time would step on their backs all the same.


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