Plankton, The Model Glue of the South

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Peter squeezed and squeezed, but even in the hot sun he wasn’t able to fit his round body through the two-plank wide hole in the fence. Beyond the rotten, wooden passageway was a path of thick reeds and tall grass, leading through the homes of small lives, rats and hares and insects, least of all snakes and spiders.Through this dense ecosystem the spry young legs of the other neighborhood could work their way, braving scrapes and cuts from the local wildlife to find the cool green-blue water of the town creek, a slimy snake of a stream with a foamy algae shirt that slithered along with the currents. The children would jump in, aware of their trespass, and play games like Marco Polo and chicken until the sun went down. The adults would know, seeing the children wet and covered with the thin green film, and some would receive spankings, but others recalled the hot summer when they’d pulled the planks down from the McBriar farm’s perimeter fence.

  1. Carl says:

    I like it. Going somewhere with it, or just a thought?

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