Ask Me Again Tomorrow

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Joe’s legs kicked beneath him, pumping like wild pendulums dragging through the dirt and the gravel. Flecks of ground served as a wake for his motion, his breath hardly reaching his lungs as he panted, head craning over his shoulder every few seconds. The two men behind him, each dressed in suits more expensive than his car, were keeping pace easily. Of course, they were paid to handle situations like these, so it behooved them to be fit. Joe, on the other hand, was about as serious about going to the gym as he was about that 5K he told everyone he was going to run.  As a storyteller I would be inclined to tell you this thought crossed his mind now to try and get a laugh out of you, but it’s hard to think clearly about anything when you’re in a sprint for your life. The ground sloped down beneath a clearing of trees and Joe had a decision to make: keep running, or look for cover long enough to throw the men off of his trail. His body and several forces of nature however robbed him of this choice, and he tumbled off the 4 foot ridge, slipping on wet leaves and twisting his ankle as he reached the bottom.


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