Cinnamon and Salt

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Next door neighbors had just ended a shouting match without finishing it. The children were brought inside, even though they simply stopped playing and sat quietly and with fright as their parents behaved like they often would. A glare would escape through a window toward the other house. Sometimes the shouting carried itself indoors while she said “Honey, please” and “Not in front of the children” while he was so incensed that no amount of logic could be applied to the situation. “He had half a mind” he said, grumbling his incomplete thought and leaving another different, entirely factual sentence out to dry in the air. When he thought about why he had gotten so angry, he immediately realized how stupid it all had been, and that made him feel ashamed, and that made him feel more angry.  Apology was entirely out of the question. He drew the curtains, shut off the lamps, and paced in the dark. Little son was put to bed early, and wife was sitting in the bed, trying to read and not to disturb how a man reconciles with the fact that beneath his disguise he is still animal.


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