Polished to Bone

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

When dealing with second chances and close scares, even common annoyances in the vein of an alarm clock can be met with renewed appreciation. Jonas casually flicked the switch to off, rising mere seconds after its first buzz. He took a deep breath, the kind that jars the senses and tastes sharp, almost acidic. The air filled his lungs and the pressure seemed to assist in opening the eyes, which did so unnaturally for a man of Jonas’ age and experience. He’d been here before, at this phase of life though he knew nothing about it. The only knowledge he’d had was of living a day in his timeline like this before, and that he was determined to do it better this time. Hell, maybe he’d nailed it the first time. But there was no time or energy to waste on thoughts of comparison. That ship had sailed, and it carried him with it, off to an eventual grave. Just like the ship he was on now, only on a different course. The thought of the inevitability of death soured the experience. He stared blankly at the traffic outside his hotel window, then laid back down.


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