The Death Beyond Dead

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

“You’ll be in 72, it’s on the second floor on the south end of the building. Just take the elevator up and go around the corner twice. Impossible to miss.” Jonas nodded, gathered up his slapdash pile of things, and separated from the group. From the first time since he entered the Processing Department, he was by himself. It was a powerfully lonesome feeling and he was sure it would only continue once he put his own private four walls around him. Posters and flyers lined the hallways with promise of activities and resident meetups, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to be around any like-minded people right now.

There were people in the halls chatting in small groups, and gathered in a central social area easily accessible from any of the apartments. It reminded Jonas all too much of high school; a bunch of people with no idea what to do with their lives or even who they were, trying to fit before the deadline hit and they’d all be separated. Maybe, Jonas thought, it was more like prison, where people just found people they could stand to keep from going crazy. Maybe the two weren’t all that different.


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