The Mystery of Friar Ulysses

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m thinking of a number. Sorry, an integer. We have to make this winnable after all. Now what I want you to do is think of the same number. Go on. It’ll be fun. It’s like a game. Are you thinking of it? Well then. Odds are, you’re wrong. See, without setting upper or lower limits, you simply can’t hope to win this contest. Making it a question of integers made it possible on any fathomable scale, but without constricting you, the player further, you still have no chance. 8,102,999 by the way. That was it. Did you guess it? Bullshit. The idea here is that rules, however constricting, are often beneficial to one’s chances for success. So be a dear, set some rules, govern thyself, and do something great.

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