Chicken in the Draft

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

A small cyclone of smoke crept up toward the ceiling, circling like storm clouds around the solitary light bulb above the table. Each of the six players quietly surveyed the competitive landscape, either grinning, sweating, or stonefaced. The air was stale and hard to inhale, but they still had hours ahead of them. The person with the tactical advantage leaned back in his chair confidently, cradling head in weaved fingers. The other players paid this pageantry little mind, preferring to weigh the odds and calculations necessary to determine if they had a chance to make a move now, or if it was smarter to withdraw and hope for a better advantage. The silence was broken now with open discussion, some of it pertinent, most of it irreverent. The leader, the momentary president of the round would have preferred a tense silence, but took the opportunity to not be the center of attention. His power was fleeting and he wanted to make the most of its addictive qualities.


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