Posted: December 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

The rain dripped and flicked, dropping from each outcropping, every awning and gutter. It was cold. And it was Sunday.  And so the house remained quiet, hours after it might normally have been bursting with sounds. The blinds stayed shut, and bodies huddled under blankets individually, hoping to somehow ride the day out and wake up on the other side of the week, facing sunlight and possibilities and anything but this. But this was what they had. And their bodies would not permit them to just pass it over. Eventually with stiffened bones and full of necessary energy but lacking the energy to use it, they rose. Groaning with reluctance and hardly alert or present in the slightest, they started the coffee, they turned on the TV, they checked their phones without leaving the mattress. Some say that every day is a blessing, but a day like this was more of a curse. Something to be suffered.


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