The Future Mr. Thundercrunch

Posted: December 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

While waiting for a cable installer, our hero decided to take a nap. He sat near motionless in his recliner, lolling his head every quarter of an hour or so. The black television screen reflected his sweaty pallor back onto the shine on his forehead like a hall of mirrors. He would snort, gasp, cough and shift as his body would get stuck in potentially compromising ways. Hours passed. The red sunset light crept through his blinds and threatened to jar his eyes open, but intrepidly our hero slept on, and his cable installer continued to procrastinate until finally there was nothing left but the silence of the night, a well-rested man, and a note on the door saying that there was nobody home when he arrived. Catastrophe had struck our hero’s domain.


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