Repeated Exception

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

On page 7 of the employee handbook is the simple warning/admonition “You will be terminated for pressing the triangular button.” And yet they install the triangular button on every worker’s console, raising tension to horrifying levels that it may be bumped, or grazed, or that temptation will prove too strong. A lot was made, in the company’s early days, about the necessity of the triangular button, but the top psychologists had done a study and proved that it had value. It made people give their job their full attention, lest an accident occur, and it also served as a cathartic eject button when one had simply had too much. The clever would take mugs and glue them around the button, or pour sticky soda over it so it would not easily press down, the risk takers did as much work as they could on the other nearby buttons and levers. But people always spoke in hushed tones about the power the triangle wielded.


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