Border Dispute

Posted: December 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

A case was brought before the magistrate to determine where one plot of land ended and another began. The first landowner, the one who felt his land was being infringed upon by his neighbor, argued that that land had been passed down from his great grandfather, who in his service to the regency was awarded the edge of the forest. The second landowner, the one with an eye on expansion, claimed that the land had gone wild and that since he had taken the efforts to maintain the property where his neighbor did not, he had every right to it. The two men had exchanged words on multiple occasions until it came to blows, and now the first landowner claimed that his neighbor was lurking in the shadows of night, threatening to assassinate him. The magistrate found both of these men had legitimate claims to the land, and so he ordered it returned to the king.


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