Organizational Meltdown

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

People look at me, and they see the face value, the casual exterior, the laissez-faire. They don’t understand the amount of community planning and active consideration I have to put into my work, in every sense of the word. At any given moment I am probably poring over 3 spreadsheets and making a fourth, counting the minutes in the day, answering two emails, a text, and four instant messages, and wondering where I find the energy for all this. I mean, I don’t drink coffee. Maybe it’s all the couch-sitting I do. Yeah, that must be it. Point is, life isn’t easy, but if you make the effort to have other people believe that yours is, they won’t feel guilty asking things of you to give you “something to do.” And having something to do is how you get most things done. So there you go, now you know my secret.


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