Enough Posturing

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

The electronic beep pierced the air and the ball was squeezed together two rotating discs and ejected at a surprisingly sharp velocity. It soared past the sleeping racket of a skeptical professional and rattled the chain link fence behind him. Peering through large, light brown sunglasses and over a thin mustache, the inventor of the device smirked coolly, revealing the dim reflection of yellowed teeth. He kept his arms folded, kept his demeanor in check, and simply watched. “One more.” The professional said, bending his knees and twisting his racket again. He wouldn’t be humiliated again. The inventor with folded arms nodded to his assistant. The wheels spun again and another beep echoed across the court. The machine spat out another yellow-green ball right in the same spot. The professional narrowed his eyes, envisioned the shot, envisioned his rival on the other side of the net, and effortlessly returned the “serve” right into the far corner. The inventor bit the inner rim of his lower lip and waited for the endorsement. The pro just rolled his eyes and tucked his racket under his arm. “Not bad. Sell it to kids,” he said, opening the gate and walking away.


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