In In In

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

You take a look at yourself wearing the uniform of your supervisor, looking back at your own tired, disappointed reflection. It sighs, rubs its eyes, looks back at you with genuine hate in its eyes, and opens the medicine cabinets. A candy bag fill of different pills, varying in shapes, sizes, colors, dosages, side effects, intended effects, the whole gamut in fact, are poured into a cupped hand and swallowed in one go, chased with water, a cocktail designed for the aged just to feel less miserable. The cabinet is closed, the reflection returns, scowling, sighing, giving up the fight. Dragged feet raise the carpet and enter two brown loafers, worn and leathered and just as resigned as their owners. The keys are removed the table, the door is opened, and the sun destroys what little remaining will was left in you to continue on with your day past the initial hour.


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