Separate the Sheep From the Wheat

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s early. Hours before dawn, but it’s Monday, and I feel like that counts. So I’m up, tap tap tapping away on my keyboard, tidying things up around the house. The laundry’s already all done. There isn’t enough for another load. I could certainly do more dishes. And I just might. There are projects and ideas and things things THINGS that must be done, and I have every intention of doing them. By my count, I’ve already tackled over 10% of the things I might be able to do on the MOST productive day, which means that, with nearly 1/10th of the day complete, I am on schedule to be a champion. Of course, that would be without accounting for sleeping, more sleeping, and my personal least favorite, burnout. Still, it’s the kind of milestone you can point at and be proud of. Today could very well be the perfect day. One can hold out hope, can’t one?


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