Prison for Pets

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

There was a study to determine what caused people to feel empathy or sympathy or both, and measure it against other groups. In the study, it was determined that people felt more strongly about a battered animal than a battered adult, and an abused child was on roughly equal terms with the animal. I question, in the mind’s of study’s participants, whether or not they were mindful of the treatment of the animals that become food for arguably at least a small percentage of those who answered the questionnaire or watched the video or whatever. Certainly those animals are not proprietors of a very comfortable life, though their living may be easy, they certainly undergo more stress than an animal in the wild. Alternatively, how could a traumatized baby possibly be on the same level as a dog, that’s disgusting. While the findings of this study disgust me to the point that I think much less of the human race, I still hold them in much higher esteem than any common house pet.


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